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New3DS,New3DSXL TVkit [New3DS TVkit]

New3DS,New3DSXL TVkit [New3DS TVkit]

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Item Description

* TV output kit for the New 3DS.
* The TVkit is designed to work with the Nisetoro Capture Kit for the New 3DS/XL
* Display games for the new 3DS or new 3DSXL on a TV monitor

TV output kit for the New 3DS.
Display games on the New 3DS to a TV without cascading a PC and keyboard.
Connects with HDMI, and you can change the display mode by a switch on the box.

This item includes a USB AC adapter and a micro USB cable for the TVkit's power, and a HDMI cable to connect the TVkit to your TV. Connecting a Nisetoro Capture Kit enables you to capture a game on your 3DS to a TV.
You can control the screens without needing a PC.

You can play a game on 3DS while the TVkit is connected to a TV. The TVkit will not let you display a game on a TV and a PC at the same time. However, a TV with an HDMI out port can be connected to a PC with an HDMI in port using an HDMI distributor to display a game on the TV and the PC at the same time.

- Functions
Change the ratio of upper and lower windows
Display the upper window only
Rotate the window
Reverse the window

Please note that in order to display a game on a TV, you need to purchase the Nisetoro Capture Kit.
= Capture kit for the new 3DSXL
= Capture kit for the new 3DS

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