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Video Capture Kit for PSvita WiFi model for PCH-2000(PSvita not included) [PSvitakit2000]

Video Capture Kit for PSvita WiFi model for PCH-2000(PSvita not included) [PSvitakit2000]

Our Selling Price: US$200.98(tax incl.)

List Price: US$390.00


Item Description

This item is to install a capture board on your PS Vita 2000 series. If you have a PS Vita 2000 series including a limited edition, we will install a capture board on your system. We do not offer self-assembled versions of our products.

The capture kit captures the video to your screen, and then you can use your favorite screen capture or broadcasting program to capture your screen to disk or for broadcast. Games on the PS Vita are captured beautifully without dropping frames.

The capture kit is installed inside your PS Vita 2000 series. All the features will remain intact. We will fully assemble the capture kits before shipping them. All you need to do is install the viewer software and the driver on your PC, and connect your capture kit to the PC with a micro USB cable. The instructions for the software will come with your package. We will not upgrade the system nor delete the data on your system while assembling the capture kits. Please note that the capture kit does not support the PS Vita 3G.

The capture kit is capable of capturing a game on the PS Vita directly to your PC monitor. To connect the PS Vita to the PC, you need a mini USB cable. If you do not have one, please order a mini USB cable along with the capture kit: http://www.3dsvideocapture.com/product/26

Please note that we do not warrant against any damage or defect due to the incompatibility for your PC.

If you want to visit the shop in Akihabara, Tokyo and have us assemble the kit, please send a message to make a reservation beforehand (katsukitydirect@gmail.com). We have a limit number of drop-in customers a day. Without a reservation, we will not assemble your capture kit.

Please note that we cannot guarantee your preferred color will not be available when we assemble your kits.

Once we have confirmed your payment, we will send you a notification message where our address and an account number for an international shipping are stated. Then you will send your console to us for the assembly, mark as "pay on delivery" using the account number.

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