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[What is Capture Kit?]
The capture kit captures the video to your screen,
and then you can use your favorite screen capture or
broadcasting program to capture your screen to disk or for broadcast.

The capture board supports new 3DS, new 3DSXL, 3DS, 3DSXL, PS Vita, and Wii U.
If you already own a game console, we will install a capture board on your system.

Games are displayed without dropping frames (60 FPS).
Viewer software features multiple display modes:
Upper and Lower screen, Upper screen only,
3D mode, etc. Stereo audio output is supported
on Windows Mac OSX and Raspberry Pi 2B+.

The data on your system will not be erased after the capture kit is assembled.

We will fully assemble the capture kits before shipping them.
All you need to do is install the viewer software and the driver on your PC,
and connect your capture kit to the PC with a mini USB cable.

The viewer software for the capture kits supports
Windows, Mac OSX and Raspberry Pi2B+(for New 3DS/XL only).
As for the Viewer Software for Mac OS, Mac OSX version needs to be ver10.6 and above.

Learn more about Nisetoro Capture: http://video-capture.wikidot.com/nisetoro:all-about-nisetoro-capture

Owner's Blog

New 3DS XL Capture Board

Here is a new capture board for the new 3DSXL (right in the picture)

The old capture board (left in the picture) has more trimmed from both sides and a smaller hole, which strains the board and leads to the USB connector being unrecognized.

To the right is the new board.  It has more material on both sides and more soldering on the USB connector so that it is more robust and won’t come off easily.
The hole itself is larger, which puts less strain on the board.  We have already seen a decreased defect rate with the new board.

The bottom case also has additional processing to create less burden.

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